Imagination is everyone’s own perception of possibility. To approach the imagination is to dialogue between your dreams and reality.

I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1974. My artistic background began from my childhood when I first discovered my passion for painting and drawing. After honing this for some time, I became interested in architecture which led me to a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Azad University of Tehran and successful career in Iran thereafter. However, when I came to Canada in 2011, I experienced a new land, new people, and cultural diversity for the first time. Immigrating to a new country provided me with the opportunity to merge my artistic and architectural backgrounds together. Even at age 46 (1974), it felt like my world of imagination was born again. Coming to Canada gave me a unique opportunity to ask myself, Who am I? What am I doing? and What do I want for my life?

I feel that life is multidimensional. It is made up of one’s own feelings, experiences, beliefs, and culture, this was important for me to express through my art. Introspection leads me towards Surrealism and Expressionism artists like Salvador Dali, Andre Breton, and Chiharu Shiota as well as Persian philosophical poets like Rumi and Hafez. As a result of their influences, my works consists of two parts: oil painting in the Realism style, and mixed media tools such as plaster, artificial plants, acrylic, and glue. This combination allows me to capture my point of view vividly. The works I have created is a representation of me pondering my identity within the restrictions I have placed on myself from past experiences.
As I moved to Canada in 2011, I decided to follow my journey in visual arts, started my private Art classes, and used my previous experiences in teaching, as well as working as a mural painting. My passion in Arts has never stopped but it has always been on the rise, I’m taking the steps to pursue my lifetime dream and to bring my work to life, give my knowledge of arts to others and to present my work to the world. I have continued my professional skills in realism, surrealism, drawing, oil painting, and mixed media.

Golnaz Khadivi zand

Exhibition & Awards:

  • John B.Aird Gallary _drawing 2021
  • Colour and form society (68th Annual Exhibition-2020)
  • Markham Group of Artist, Windows open 2020. ( Awards)
  • Artbox Project, Swiss Art Expo, Zurich 2.0, 2020
  • Luxembourg art exhibition 2020
  • Art and tour_ city of Richmondhill 2020
  • Mural Painting Henderson. P. S. Toronto, 2019
  • Mural painting Henderson. P.S. Toronto, 2017
  • Sara and Nawab Pilgrimage architectural competition project – Iran, Mashhad 2004 (Third Place)
  • Eٰxhibition Building design of Khorasan Razavi Engineering System Organization in Iran, 2003 (Third Place)
  • Yokohama World Children’s Art Exhibition in 1987. (Silver Medal and Honorable)
  • Art Exhibition Culture of Khorasan Children’s Art Exhibition, (Iran 1984). (Honorable)


  • Architecture Master of Arts, Islamic Azad University of Tehran Centre Branch, Iran (1994_2001)
  • ARA certificate, Still life Painting course 2019
  • ARA certificate, In the Studio of Bouguereau 2020
  • ARA certificate, portrait drawing 2020
  • Lucas Keratochwil certificate landscape painting workshop 2020


  • member of Markham Group of Artist 2020
  • member of IBEX collection
  • Vice President of Iranshahr consulting Architecture in Iran: From 2000 – 2011
  • Teaching as an instructor the Architectural department in Islamic Azad University of Mashhad, Iran: From 2000 – 2008
  • Mural painting for YRDSB (Henderson Avenue P.S): From 2017 – 2019
  • Self-employed (Art instructor): From 2011 – Current


  • Professional oil painting
  • professional acrylic painting
  • Professional Colour pencil
  • mural painting
  • Drawing
  • Mix media
  • Ceramic