“Three cousins”
Graphite, 22″x18″

            I decided to draw my mother who was battling breast cancer at the time, yet she still put on her makeup with a smile on her face, and no matter the situation that’s always how she is. She has been one of my biggest inspirations in life, she never loses hope and always fights until the last second, she was able to beat cancer and is healthy to this day. This picture represents so much of the power that I always see within her and try to live by and teach my kids. Even though when you look closely you can see the sorrow in her eyes, that still never stops her from believing in herself and to never lose hope.

“Deep Gaze “
Oil on canvas
30″X32″ 2020
A portrait of Golnaz’ father, “Deep Gaze” speaks to how his thoughts, beliefs, and gaze had a deep impact on her influences and beliefs throughout her life
Oil on canvas

Mix Media

Light and hope
Medium: oil, Plaster and glue
Imagination is everyone’s own perception of possibility. To approach the imagination is to dialogue between your dreams and reality. My artistic background began from my childhood when I first discovered my passion for painting and drawing. After honing this for some time, I became interested to architecture which led me in a Master’s degree in Architecture from Azad University of Tehran and a successful career in Iran thereafter.
However, when I came to Canada in 2011, I experienced a new land, new people and such cultural diversity for the first time. Immigrating to a new country provided me with the opportunity to merge my artistic and architectural backgrounds together. Even at age 37, it felt like my world of imagination was born again. Coming to Canada gave me a unique opportunity to ask myself, Who am I? What am I doing? and What do I want for my life?
I feel that life is multidimensional. It is made up of one’s own feelings, experiences, beliefs, and culture, this was important for me to express through my art. Introspection leads me towards Surrealism and Expressionism artists like Salvador Dali, Andre Breton and Chiharu Shiota as well as Persian philosophical poets like, Rumi and Hafez. As a result of their influences, my work consists of two parts: oil painting in Realism style, and mixed media tools such as plaster, artificial plants, acrylic and glue. This combination allows me to capture my point of view vividly.
With the world now unified fighting for life amidst this pandemic, I see myself at this paradoxical point where normally a season of growth and renewal has been diminished to grief and fear. Still, I choose to take this opportunity to express my freedom though I am quarantined at home. The work I have created is a representation of me pondering my identity within the restrictions I have placed on myself from past experiences. As winter releases its grip, plants once lifeless and dormant rise again in the triumphant process of rebirth. In this painting there is no space between the object and the background. The bottom of the painting is dark and ambiguous then it ascends into definition and light. This allows the viewer to feel a warped sense of spatial unconsciousness. The experiences I have had here in Canada, and through my immigration journey, have lit up my world of creativity even in the midst of darkness. I am grateful for it all.

Light and hope,
Name: Suspense
Medium: Acrylic, Plaster & fabric
Name: Suspense
Medium: Acrylic, Plaster & fabric
Name: Drought
Meduim: Plaster, Acrylic & Fabric



Color pencil

Oil Painting