Violet Art Studio


Violet Art Studio inspires teens and adults to flourish their artistic vision through realism painting and drawing. It is an art class that can help develop your creativity and knowledge in Oil painting and Pencil drawing using professional techniques.

Assessment session: The assessment session is offered for free to familiarize students with the art of drawing and to find their talents in this field.

Classes are offered in 2 different age groups:

  • –  Preteens and Teens: Wednesday (5:30-7:30), Thursdays (5:30pm- 7:30pm) and Fridays (5:30pm- 7:30pm)
  • –  Adults: Wednesdays (11am -2pm), Thursdays (11am- 2pm)
    The classes are in groups of 4-5 where every student is
  • @viole.a.studi
  • +1 6472337444